Welcome to Virtual Lifeskills Solutions! We are a Texas based company offering affordable eLearning courses (online) for reinforcing positive lifeskills and cognitive change. We also offer Self-Directed courses (workbook) for those without access to a computer, tablet, or smart phone. Select courses are available in Spanish! Our mission is to teach the skills and provide the resources necessary for positive change in the lives of Texas residents. We are proof that not all classrooms have four walls. We look forward to serving you!

ACCI's (American Community Corrections Institute) evidence-based cognitive lifeskills courses were established by founder Larry Lloyd in 1975. Studies have indicated a reduction in recidivism rates of 20%-30% (normal is 8%-10%) using ACCI's curriculum. Our courses contain the most current and effective cognitive change curriculum available and are currently being utilized by local Probation, Federal Probation, Justice of the Peace, TDCJ, and Municipal Courts. Visit the link below to view our publication in the American Probation and Parole Association.


VLS is in contact with each student from registration to completion, providing important reminders, information, and offering support. Student progress is tracked and stored in virtual folders which are accessible to the referring agency 24/7. In addition, we utilize a unique concept giving students the opportunity to work with an effective coach. The term “coach” is a generic term that we use to refer to the person who will sit down and go through the assigned life skills course along side the student. We have learned that it is within the context of healthy, pro-social relationships that learning and change takes place.