Driver Responsibility - 15 Hours


This course on cognitive driving skills was designed for all drivers, regardless of age, who have exhibited a lack of proper driving values, attitudes, and behaviors.

This is perhaps the only traffic workbook in the nation that combines cognitive restructuring with traditional traffic curriculum.  Notice that the workbook spends a lot of time and effort in the cognitive domain to challenge driver's faulty thinking, and less in the affective domain.  Each unit sets the stage for the next unit and focuses on the ACCI motto: 

If we keep on thinking the way we have been thinking, we will keep on getting what we have been getting. If we want to change what he have been getting, we will have to change what we have been thinking.


  1. Personal Responsibility
  2. Avoiding distractions while driving
  3. Overcoming negative thoughts, attitudes and behaviors while driving
  4. Positive driver attitudes, values, and behaviors
  5. Driving with skill and sense