Parenting - 10 Hours


The objective of this course is to help parents become more aware of the long-term subconscious programing they instill in their children. Parenting is not easy.  However, there are a few powerful cognitive steps that can be taken that will have the greatest impact on child and parent relationships.

Children have physical, emotional, directional, and creative needs.  The more they get of those needs in early childhood, the better their adult life. The most important thing in parenting is the parents.  Just a few changes now can reap great rewards in the future.  The good and bad done to children will be reflected in future generations.  One good way to gauge our success as parents is to see how our grandchildren turned out.

One of the problems with parenting courses is guilt and denial.  Parents can become angry and contentious at any suggestion that their children are acting out because of them.  Because of the coach and home study format as well as positive curriculum, most of these strong emotions are negated, providing an excellent opportunity to change and learn.


  1. Anger Avoidance
  2. Self-Awareness
  3. Internal Focus of Control
  4. Empathy - People vs. Objects
  5. Positive Thinking Skills