Substance Abuse - 15 Hours


This course intervenes in the faulty thinking errors associated with substance abuse and was designed for anyone addicted to chemicals of any kind.

It is important to remember that we have both inner and outer selves.  The interaction between mind and body is hyperactive with substance abusers as they try to deal with what they know is right and powerful cravings (cognitive dissonance).  Once a person's body is addicted, the only course back to sobriety is through the mind.  However, the only window of opportunity for teaching life-changing cognitive skills is during periods of sobriety.

Cognitive restructuring has the ability to intervene in faulty thinking.  In the end, there has to be an intrinsic desire to change or it won't happen.  This course has proven to be very effective in helping the user overcome self-defeating thoughts and behaviors.


  1. Resisting addictive substances
  2. Positive subconscious thoughts
  3. Fulfilling the emotional hierarchy of needs
  4. Goal achievement
  5. Anger avoidance